Republican Committee 


Greg Goddard, General Manager of Belknap County-owned Gunstock Mountain Resort, presents a history of Gunstock as well as plans for the future.

                    March 12, 2013

Sen. Jeb Bradley addresses BARC

Mayor Frank Guinta

Candidate for Congress

Belknap County Cruise

Governor Sununu 

BJ Perry,NHGOP Field  Manager,     talks about his 

Town Committee visits 

BJ Perry & Chris Sununu 

meet with members of BARC 

Jim Bender, candidate for US Senate addresses BARC

 Ovide Lamontagne

candidate for US Senate

addresses BARC


Jim Forsythe,

State Senate Candidate, 

addresses BARC 

Mike Castaldo,

1st District Congress Candidate, 

addresses BARC 

1st Congressional District

Candidate Forum

May 11, 2010

1st Dist. US Congress Candidate Peter Bearse at BARC's BBQ & Candidates Open Mic June 15, 2010 

2nd Dist. Executive Councilor Candidate Jim Adams at BARC's BBQ & Candidates Open Mic June 15, 2010

4th Dist. State Senate Candidate Rep. David Bickford at BARC's BBQ & Candidates Open Mic June 15, 2010 

Register of Probate Candidate Incumbent Karen Brickner at BARC's BBQ & Candidates Open Mic June 15, 2010  

 BARC's New Banner!!

Kelly Ayotte - August 17, 2010  

Ovide Lamontagne - August 17, 2010

Executive Councilor-Elect Dan St. Hilaire -  December 14, 2010

Peter Bearse discusses

the details of the new

book he's writing.

February 8, 2011 

District 4 State Senator Jim Forsythe discusses the legislation that the Senate received from the State House of Representatives during the recent Bill "Crossover". 

April 12, 2011

Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI), Presidential Candidate, entertains BARC members after discussing his Presidential Campaign.

          September 9, 2011

Cliff Hurst, Candidate for NH GOP Vice Chairman, addresses BARC members prior to Annual State Committee Meeting in Meredith, NH. .

                February 14, 2012

Bob Bestani, Candidate for Congress 

Belknap County Cruise, 2009,

Belknap Cty Chairman Frank Tilton

Budget Protest

Chris Sununu

NHGOP Executive Consultant

discusses NHGOP plans for upcoming elections

Kelly Ayotte, candidate for US Senate with Donna Goodwin,

owner of JJ Goodwin's Restaurant

NH GOP National Committeeman

Sean Mahoney (and now candidate for Congress 1st CD)

BARC's 1st Anniversary Oct '09

Cake Compliments of The White Buffalo Trading Post, Barnstead

George Hurt,

State Senate Candidate,

addresses BARC

Governor John H. Sununu sharing

his philosophies with BARC members

in March 2010

US Senate Candidate Ovide Lamontagne at BARC's BBQ & Candidates Open Mic June 15, 2010

5th Dist. State House Candidate Incumbent Rep. Elaine Swinford at BARC's BBQ & Candidates Open Mic June 15, 2010 

4th Dist. State Senate Candidate Jim Forsythe at BARC's BBQ & Candidates Open Mic June 15, 2010 

Neil Young, on behalf of 4th Dist. State Senate Candidate George Hurt, at BARC's BBQ & Candidates Open Mic June 15, 2010  

1st Dist. US Congress Candidate Rick Parent at BARC's BBQ & Candidates Open Mic June 15, 2010 


Also attending BARC's BBQ & Open Mic on June 15 were 5th Dist. State House Candidates:


Incumbent Rep. Peter Bolster Incumbent Rep. Laurie Boyce Incumbent Rep. Jim "Doc" Pilliod

 Gubernatorial Candidates Forum

July 13, 2010

Jim Bender - August 17, 2010 

 Dennis Lamare - August 17, 2010

 John Stephen discusses the upcoming state budget issues - January 11, 2011

Ovide Lamontagne addresses BARC and talks about his Granite PAC and the Presidential Speaker Series held at his home each month.

March 8, 2011 

Belknap County Sheriff Craig Wiggin discusses the role of the County Sheriff's Department 

                August 9, 2011

 NH Secretary of State Bill Gardner addresses BARC regarding the Presidential Primary and the current status of the date of the 2012 Primary.

                October 10, 2011

Ovide Lamontagne, Candidate for Gubernatorial Nomination 2012

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas, candidate for Governor, addresses the Committee.

June 14, 2016

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