About BARC'G

The Barnstead-Alton Republican Committee (BARC), was organized on October 1, 2008 because Alton and Barnstead were demographically similar, shared the same high school, and tended to be isolated geographically from the other towns in Belknap County. 

In September 2012, following redistricting which provided for broader representation, the members of BARC and the Gilmanton Republican Committee decided to merge, forming the Barnstead-Alton-Gilmanton Republican Committee (BARC'G).  The long term goals of BARC'G are to identify common issues facing the townspeople of Alton, Barnstead, and Gilmanton, to help to develop and guide individuals interested in running for office, and to act as a sounding board for elected officials while remaining active in other Belknap County Republican activities.



                             Mission Statement

The mission of the Barnstead-Alton-Gilmanton Republican Committee is:


"To promote Republican principles and values

            by engaging the local community"

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